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I’m Nata Abashidze-Romanovskaya, a young photographer based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

I’ve been interested in photography since childhood. I used to spy on grandpa whenever he was developing film or printing photos in the cellar which was all in red light. It was a magic  light for me. 

I grew up and decided to be more into arts. I enjoyed drawing and painting a lot so I became an artist. 

One day I was walking down the streets of Tbilisi and saw an old lady drinking water from the fountain. You’d say - nothing special, but my attention was caught by her golden yellow hat which had the same colour as autumn leaves covering ground. It was the first time I regretted that I didn’t have camera with me. 

Next what I did was that I found my father’s old film camera and started taking portraits of my friends and family members. Those photos formed my very first photo archive.

I don't want to bother you with my memories and I'll switch to the present Nata - a full-time freelance photographer I became.

I work in various fields of photography. And I will enjoy to work in any genre as long as it interests me. 

Portraits are my passion, every person is a lifelong story. I enjoy getting to know different personalities, creating unique portrait of each of them in my mind and recreating it in a picture/photo.  

Traveling is another passion, so whenever I find an opportunity and promotional tickets - I start planning my trip immediately. I travel mostly alone and explore various  places, streets. I love looking at kids playing, recording the atmosphere and life around them and me. I enjoy observing different cultures and people just living their casual life. From time to time I will post pictures from my new travels here.

Food photography - another new passion. Whenever I have time and creative mood - I cook something delicious and place it in some nice surrounding and shoot. Mostly I do it for microstocks.

Here are some links to my portfolios: 
I like meeting new people, from different parts of the world sharing their experience and thirst for life.

Working with positive, open minded and happy people is always a great pleasure for me!

I'm open for any interesting offers, shootings, collaborations!

Feel free to contact me via website or mobile phone - (+995)577-407-707 (Viber & WhatsApp)

Sincerely yours,

  • 2015 #museuminfocus instagram project exhibition at Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia,Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 2012 Portraits exhibition at cafe "Nakhvamdis" Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 2012 Postcards exhibition at Gallery-cafe Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 2008 "Vekov zateilivi uzor" - TsDRI, Moscow, Russian Federation