Virtually yours: Romance during the pandemic

At a certain point of the Covid19 crisis, Tinder took down location restrictions, so we could choose any spot on the map and reach out to potential lovers all around the globe. Regular dates turned into zoom dates and virtual sex experiences. Love letters turned into endless messenger chats. The process became perfectly comfortable for introverts. 

Technology has transformed the way of communication but hasn’t affected the need for it. 

Before we had pigeons and the post office to deliver our love letters, now we have digital messengers, but the importance of expressing our feelings through words has remained the same. While we're waiting for borders to reopen to reunite with our lovers, messaging keeps us connected.

This story is about a long-distance relationship, which started during isolation and the travel ban. Our affair has continued virtually as I wait impatiently for borders to reopen.



Special for media platform

July 2020